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A Leader in Silicon Carbide

Washington Mills AS is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality CARBOREX silicon carbide crude and micro grit powders. As one of the largest producers of silicon carbide micro grit powders in the world, our advanced micro grit technology and attention to quality are unrivaled in the industry. We offer a wide array of CARBOREX silicon carbide micro grit powders in a variety of sizes and specifications according to the specific industry and application.


Washington Mills AS, established in 1962, produces silicon carbide macro grits and micro grit powders for use in the abrasive, ceramic, refractory, industrial and metallurgical markets. Washington Mills AS has dedicated itself exclusively to the manufacture of silicon carbide for a variety of different markets. The company's commitment to its products has made Washington Mills AS one of the largest and most reputable silicon carbide producers in the world today. Washington Mills AS knows silicon carbide; its intimate knowledge of the product allows it to quickly adjust and respond to its customers' changing needs.


Washington Mills AS has built its reputation for quality by continually delivering on its standards for high quality for nearly 50 years. Manufacturing its own silicon carbide crude gives Washington Mills AS total process control of the raw materials it uses to manufacture micro grits - from start to finish. Meticulous quality control, in both the furnace and processing plant, is an integrated part of the production process. Chemistry, size distribution, surface area, bulk density, grain shape, abrasive efficiency and other relevant parameters are carefully measured and monitored to maintain close control of production, and to ensure the superior quality of the product.


Washington Mills AS has earned a reputation for reliable and steady performance. With a state-of-the-art micro grit powder facility, we are well equipped to meet our customers' silicon carbide needs. We can reliably produce large quantities of silicon carbide micro grits while mantaining our high quality standards. Our well trained engineers, meticulous quality program, excellent analytical laboratory, and long history of silicon carbide excellence ensure that we can meet your product needs.

Silicon Carbide Product Line

Washington Mills AS produces CARBOREX silicon carbide micro grit powders, sub-micron powders, macro grits, and metallurgical silicon carbide. CARBOREX silicon carbide micro grit powders are manufactured to precise shapes, sizes and chemistries in order to suit many industries and applications including: wire sawing silicon wafers, semiconductor materials, diesel particulate filters, thermal sprays, ceramic armor, advanced ceramics, electronics, high temperature heating elements, polishing, lapping and blasting applications. Washington Mills AS has the technical skills to manufacture CARBOREX silicon carbide micro grit powders that meet your desired quantities and technical specifications.

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Washington Mills AS is leading the way in advanced micro grit processing technology, using highly skilled workers, proprietary technology and advanced R&D capabilities. We are committed to improving our products and developing new ones. Washington Mills AS laboratory specialists are well equipped to meet the continuing technical challenges that our customers face in their growing markets. The range of analytical services available in our labs in Norway and the USA include all physical measurements, including BET surface analyses and abrasive properties, analytical chemistry, X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescense.