About Us

The Manufacturing Process

Raw Materials

CARBOREX crude is produced in a batch operation by heating high-purity silica sand and low-sulphur petroleum coke in electrical furnaces at high temperatures. Washington Mills AS has rigorous testing proceedures for all raw materials to ensure the most consistent quality of our crude.


Meticulous quality control over the manufacturing process of silicon carbide crude gives Washington Mills AS total process control of the crude used to make CARBOREX micro grit powders. Washington Mills AS has over 40 years of experience in silicon carbide furnacing, and that experience and know-how shows in the quality of our micro grit products.

Crushing and Grading

The silicon carbide crude is sent to our processing plant for fabrication into individual grit sizes. Washington Mills AS operates a state-of-the-art micro grit powder processing plant with the latest crushing and classification technology. The plant has advanced capability to produce high quality micro grits and sub-micron powders from 50 µm (micron) down to sub-micron sizes. Highly skilled process engineers and operators have the technical skills to manufacture micro grits that meet the changing demands of our customers - in both quantity and specifications.

Quality Control

We test for quality at each stage of the production process. Real-time quality control, in both the furnace and processing plant, is an integrated part of our production process. A fully equipped on-site laboratory tests the material to ensure it meets the stated specifications. Chemistry, size distribution, surface area, bulk density, grain shape, abrasive efficiency and other relevant parameters are carefully measured and monitored to maintain close control of production, and to ensure the superior quality of the product prior to delivery to the customer.

Packaging and Shipping

We package to order according to your choice of super sacs or bags. We work to find the fastest and most reliable route available to deliver the product to you.