CARBOREX silicon carbide is used in the manufacture of steel and iron. The benefit of silicon carbide in the melting industry is that it serves as a excellent source of silicon and carbon. CARBOREX silicon carbide, when used in a foundry application, imparts metallurgical benefits to the metal and enhances furnace lining life.

CARBOREX silicon carbide acts as a solid fuel to adjust temperature and chemistry in the manufacture of iron and steel. It can also improve the recovery of important elements such as manganese and chromium since it is able to reduce metal from metal oxides in slag. Silicon carbide's content is inert, thus it produces slags with with a particular consistency and melting point that allow for efficient slag removal from the furnace.

Using silicon carbide to produce carbon and alloy steels results in significant cost savings due to its benefits as a slag reductant, supplemental energy source, and as a replacement for ferrosilicon.